The basics of my PhD research

Hi Judith,

You know that I have been trying for a while to get a PhD research started. You also know that I didn’t get the funds or that my job as teacher/part of the management team had more priority. As I have written in this blog more often I tried to do my research on Gamification. Health care is a great context to use that in, but I didn’t manage to get the funds necessary. It brought me a great Healthcare and IT project where I can do some Gamification Research in, but not a PhD position.

Sometimes you have to wonder in new environments to get back to your roots. That basically is what happened in the last years. A sort of homecoming is what happened in the last months. I have a PhD research spot now at our research team Technology Enhanced Learning (Technologie-Ondersteund Leren in Dutch). In the last weeks I am finishing an internal proposal and I am ready to come out and shout aloud that I have started a research on how to use learning analytics on learning design in a run-time setting to improve student satisfaction and/or learning effectivity/efficiency.

In the next four years I am going to research an environment, say Learning Dashboard, which helps teachers and students to change or keep their behavior towards the learning design in an course. Students and teachers not only will get insight in their behavior and actions after the course but also during the run-time of the course so that we as an institution can build a more personalized learning environment for our students.

Together with the help of our Bachelor students I am going to research and develop this environment in a design science research. So the things I am going to write about are: Learning Analytics, Learning Dashboards, a little bit of Learning Design, the competences of students and teachers to be critical about the things they see in the Dashboard and the ability to interpret the information. And which techniques can we use to change the behavior of the students en teachers, so that the Learning Design is Learning Analytics driven. Or perhaps better phrased that we use our environment to enable user driven learning design. And that phrase can be in my proposal too.

So you see a work in progress but a fun one to do with all kinds of opportunities and chances to grasp. And to blog about ;). And you may reply in Dutch but I want the exercise in English.


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  1. Dear Marcel,

    I’m excited to read that you choose to research the relationship between Learning Analytics and Learning Design. For years I wish that Learning Analytics will arise at the Zuyd-horizon, this will stimulate possibilities of implementing Learning Analytics (LA).
    In the past you gave me documents of student Luc that proposed an app for LA. Unfortunately the use of LA never happened. In my master I proposed to integrate Gamification and LA, as Gamification may support data for LA. In my paper I called this Data Driven Learning.
    I am very curious to follow your research. If you need support in testing this, Ik would like to help you by i.e. using protoypes at faculty Facility Management. I am convinced that LA works and Zuyd should accelerate the implementation of LA, to strenghten the position of Zuyd in the university-landscape. I am convinced that LA will be indispensable in future, especially because digital education develops quick the coming years.

    It might be interesting to communicate with SURF, a Special Interest Group started some years ago to widen the knowledge and experience of education & LA in the Netherlands.
    Besides this the research of RWTH Aachen could be interesting, and of course American Universities as they already developed LA in the past. At the University of Maastricht LA is in use in mathematics.
    I can give you names of persons of interest if you like.

    • Hi Ad,

      Great that your are excited, that gives more energy to our cause! I would like to read your master thesis can you send it to me (and if you already did in the past, please excuse me)…

      I have been thinking on the project of Luc a lot. That was the sort of homecoming for me. Both he and Simone Janssen worked at solutions with regard to LA en Zuyd.

      We have an meeting with Jocelyn Manderveld from the Surf SIG in January, and I am trying to connect to Tanya Joosten one of the experts in the USA. I think that Hendrik Drachsler our Professor (? I think that is the translation of lector) on Technology Enhanced Learning will put me in connection to RWTH. But let’s drink some coffee and let’s see how we can help each other.


      • Hai Marcel,

        I will sent you several documents I used in the past by mail, including the paper I wrote at the Master Leren & Innoveren, Judith passed this Master as well. The document is titled ‘Innovatieplan MLI-LA4_Ad Hoen 30-06-2014 – T1’. This document includes the Theory of Rogers, concerns the process of implementation. Furtheron there is a SWOT and ‘Confrontatiematrix’ subscribed, based on i.e. Kennisnet.

        The RWTH-expert in the past was Mohamed Ameni Chatti, he developed a SWOT with help of students, attached in the mail as picture and translated in Dutch.

        The yearly LAK Conference might be essential for you, takes place in Vancouver in 2017. See: Meaby there is a official link for the LAK.

        Good proposal to have a coffee and exchange information.

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