R U 2 BE JAMMED (English Version)

Are you stuck? Do you need a push in the right direction? Just that last push over the edge towards a great future? Or do you just want to be JAMMED by Judith And Marcel with the stuff you already knew. Do you want to experience sharing. Do you want to hear their experiences on (Social) Media and (Serious) Gaming? Do you want to combine new technology and your own positive experiences with them? Then contact us! We are willing to share one of our programs with you.


They have experiences it themselves! The core element of learning is doing. And they always say t(w)ogether is better! 2Do2Learn is a cooperation between two colleagues where both benefit from each other just by doing it t(w)ogether. This method is aspecially effective for building experience around social media and mobiel devices. From this method the duoblog of Judith And Marcel has evolved and in this way they both build up their own and others knowledge of several topics. Not a revolutionarry method but a method that makes fun! Judith is glad to help you setting up an e-things course with help of this method. Marcel let’s u and your team learn by playing in twosomes.

2Do2Learn is a method where duos are JAMMING the border of use of technology in their workfield. A little like Wesseltoft en Schwarz. But don’t expect us to be great musicians! The power is in the duo that is participating.JAM Sessions

Although Marcel and Judith aren’t musicians, they can aid you with a JAM session. Call it a brainstorm, call it teambuilding, call it whatever, point is that you, your team, and Marcel and/or Judith are going to JAM about education, technology, new media and all the playing areas in between. Do you want gamestorming? You can get it! Do you want calm conversation? You can get that too! You decide the sound of the music, because you JAM with us!

Jam Sessions, people join eachother to contribute, to share, and to let the collective grow. Marcel and Judith like to participate and are looking for an combination. If possible into an 2.0 world. Just like DumbfoundedWhat’s in the JAM?

Off course you can always approach us for a ‘regular’presentation on what we are doing, how we are doing it, why we are doing it and our best and worst practices. Big chance our topic will be social media, technology, education or gaming. But we also like to discuss other topics in this blog. Stuff that inspires us or others, stuff that keeps our mind rattle or our hearths tick. You choose the flavor and get a taste of your options by reading this duoblog. However, we will take you into a new space

Combine the virtual world, reality, music, movies and funit also all is in Space Jam

Interested? Contact us on the several online and offline options. We don’t have prices, but we are not that demanding. The biggest payment you can give us is your story!

Contact Marcel

Contact Judith

  1. Nice for music, done often and has no secrets. but you show us how to inspire eachother in zuydplein blog and now 2bejammed. More people should do this. And share their things, so other people can be inspired.

    Keep on 2blogging

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