Dr. Chucks MOOC (third session at SURF onderwijsdagen 2012)


Hi Judith,

After my first encounter with dr. Chuck, Charles Severance at Educause 2010 in Anaheim, I just wanted to see him again. This time his talk was on Massive Open Online Courseware (MOOC) which is not new, but in hype mode right now.

  1. First plus of a MOOC in a weblecture you see more of dr. Chuck and dr. Chucks sheets than in a large collegeroom. He can send more pixels to our eyeballs on a MOOC than in a classroom.
  2. Second plus, 45000+ students participated in his MOOC, it takes a long time to teach that many ppl in an ordinary classroom.
  3. Third plus, dr. Chuck reached all ages and all degrees, there was a wide range in participants.

Dr. Chuck explains that your MOOC should deliver to the people that want to put in a lot of effort, but also the people that want to do the light version. He tried to do that within his MOOC. He wanted to make the environment open and let the users be teachers. So in forums he engaged to the students that were helping othera, in stead of helping them himself. That is creating a learning environment! Dr. Chuck owns the universe and used crowd sourcing for making better examples, better content, content in the context and language of the students. The calling to create the Teach the Teachers as we do in Zuyd gets an world level with a MOOC.

Dr. Chuck did some investigation on cheating on the final exam. Great graphs on the results ‘grin’, but he found out the messaging, mailing, chatroom cheating of the test. In this form there were only 20 of 5000 cheating.

Where is this goimg in the future?
Coursera is great at the moment, but at the moment you need someone that lets you teach on closed source tools like Coursera. Closed source means slow innovation. Open Educational Resources is a little bit out of sight and often in just one context.
Charles Severance still is on track with his Teach the Teachers community. His battle is against whomever is against The Teachers Community. Sakai, Blackboard, … you fill in the dots…. Let’s join his fight!
He let’s us see the EPUB 3.0 specs, which is within the core of the e-books for iBooks from Apple, but also usable in Readium, an open source reader. This will spread out as molecules. Dr. Chuck is checking out publishing tools for the EPUB 3.0 specs, perhaps he will make one šŸ˜‰
Credits go to Stanford for the efforts and investments around MOOCs. Class2Go is the tool behind, open source and available.

Dr. Chuck thinks that in the future every faculty has two or three MOOCs, strategic ones, but not everything. Thinking has to be done on the what and the how.
Dr. Chuck uses Coursera for his class, let’s try it, Judith! Please? Let’s learn together.

Greetz Marcel

P.S. Thanks to Willem for letting me make the picture

[18112012Judith: Ook Wilfred Rubens heeft over deze presentatie geblogdĀ en de presentatie is nog te bekijken!]

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