Dale Stephens on Hacking your Education



Hi Judith,

The last keynote today, from Dale whonis a 20ish entrepreneur who is going to tell us about that college isn’t preparing students for real life. He is the owner of UnCollege.org. Like dr. Chuck he is on a quest teying to create a teachers community but not specially to get a degree, more to find out what you want to do and learn in the process doing that.

Dale stopped going to school and did unschooling. This is not homeschooling, this is not sitting at home viewing online MIT lectures. Unschooling is going out meeting people and learning together. He did a lot of things: political campaigns, participating in startups, building a library and then some more experiences. As College/University was a goal, Dale was dissapointed by the system when he got there. Out of frustration a friend suggested to start his own College. After dropping out, he did, the UnCollege. The UnCollege should provide you with things that you know from College, it isn’t only colleges that have beer, girls or guys, champagne or knowledge.

Dale gives us insight in the college debts problems in the States, which is crawling upon The Netherlands as well. Studentdebt will not go away like mortgage debt if you go bancrupt.
Dale asks the question: Why can’t he go to Starbucks to learn. Dr. Chuck showed half an hour ago that he went to starbucks with his MOOC to teach! Dale meet Dr. Chuck! Is this a or the revolution? Or are Dale and Dr. Chuck inspiring speakers that live in the American dream, which perhaps is too far away for us Dutchies? I don’t know but please let me sleep and dream some more on it!

Being member of the community gets you as far or even further as College according to Dale. My question is: can’t we benefit from both worlds? Let’s at least try 😉
Are you joining me in our new institution, Oh no it isn’t an institution it will be a movement 😉 Judith?

Greetz Marcel Schmitz

P.S. Warning for Chris Kuijpers, you were right a couple of months ago. And I will pursue it!

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