Video over Big Data: volume, variety, velocity and value?

freedomlabFreedomLab. Ken je dat Marcel? Ik niet. Mijn dochter is er vorige week met haar studie een dagje op bezoek geweest. Zij vond het wel iets voor ons šŸ™‚

FreedomLab is a strategy consultancy, a cross over innovation hub, a living lab, a future studies think tank, a college or better: a (constant) redefinition of these formats.Ā We facilitate organizations to anticipate the future by helping them to creatively redefine their present. We operate on the crossroads of design, systems design and engineering.

Creative director is Jeroen van Mastrigt, bekend bij jou?

Een beetje scrollend door hun website zag ik onderstaande videoĀ over big data. Ook big data heeft een menselijke kant šŸ™‚

What is Big Data is the cornerstone question of this research. While a lot of focus is on Volume, demanding new appraoches to ICT infrastrictures, the Variety is more challenging. How to combine the structured dataset of organizations with the unstructured data of consumers apps like Twitter of Facebook for example.Ā But to extract true value we need to go further than the typical 24h batches and runs, we need Velocity of data. Only than can data be truly supportive to consumers making decisions in everyday life. How can we add meaning to such big data sets, so many correlations? A more creative approach is needed, such as probing for example.


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