Making a trailer

Hi Judith,

Our colleague Chris Kuijpers already called me a traitor. He thinks I have crossed to the ‘dark side’. Well I don’t know yet 😉 He is talking about my Apple-ization or partly at least. After having used a Samsung mini and full size tablet I now am using a iPad-mini (retina) as you know. And our replacement for the Dell Windows Laptop was an iMac. So lot’s of new tools, apps and gadgets to use.

Fortunately I still have projects enough to test them on. DigiCoach the Game’s, Ankie van de Broek has asked me to think about a movietrailer as commercial for her game. I have shown her the trailes of Urgent Evoke and Find your Future:

<I>Urgent Evoke the trailer</I>

<I>Find your Future the trailer</I>

They inspired me in trying to get those games to Zuyd (still in progress). So I thought that perhaps an own trailer for the DigiCoach the Game would encourage students to choose the game to learn from. I have not the skills of Kiyash Monsef (@kiyash) who has made at least one of the trailers. But with no practice you won’t get them either! So I just tried.

I am not completely blank. I used Windows Movie Maker several times for short movies and intro’s for our youth carnival club (De Feesnaeskes). You can imagine characters called: Onneuzele Freddie and Professor Oi in the local grocery store, with neat subtitles and the theme music of ‘Shaft’. Windows Music Maker is perfect for such easy, small movie projects. I can imagine making a trailer with it soon, but I didn’t choose the obvious road.

I used de Apple tool iMovie. The trailer templates triggered me and we had to act quickly because Ankie’s project has to be delivered soon. And as you know all the creative people always prefer Apple for such projects 😉 So I wanted to see why. As a n00b-Apple-user I easily found my way in the program. Oke, I have to admit that some simple Apple moves like command C and command V instead of the Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V still are not in my system yet and half of the time I miss the menu bar, but I am getting there. The fun part is the connection to my iTunes, to iPhoto. So there is a easy connection to be made to my music and my pictures. Making screenshots and getting them into iPhoto (also a standard iMac movement) I had to learn, but Google also is helping with the basic steps.

Problem was that the neat part also is the relatively closed part. You can easily make a trailer by filling in a template with a storyboard, basic information and the film or fotoclips that you want to add.


Easy to use. You can even change the production company intro’s. So I made a Phoenix & De Nieuwste Pabo cooperation mini-intro and as you can guess I wanted to add the logo you made to it. That isn’t possible. At least not within the template. It took me a while to find out that when you have finished filling in the template you can convert it to a regular project, which you can alter as you want. Great! But helas, my energy tank was empty at the time I found out how I could do it. So maybe for the next trailer. Every course should have one 😉 Because they inspire (at least I hope mine does too). You can see him soon after we have changed some pictures and added some content Ankie wants to use.

Amateur creativity can be used to inspire and with a little help of some great tools and with a little inspiration from some great examples you can get started. You should try it! Perhaps a nice trailer for your paper?

Greetz Marcel

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