Yes!: Bulk of resources found. Nooo!: Bulk to read found. ;)

Hi Judith,

Sometimes when I play World of Warcraft I just like to wander around. Just for the fun of it, just for visiting new places or cities. Or to re-find points of interest. Not that time is a real life resource that I have enough to spend on WoW, but every second month I go back online and try to make the highest level. (A multiple year long undertaking!)


Yes this is me: Dylalyd the Night Elf Druid, just a level 86.


When I wander through my world of PHDcraft (Suggestions for better game-names for my PhD 2 B Game are welcome) I do the same. Today I was wandering around resources that Jane McGonigal and partners build up around SuperBetter I re-found It is a brilliant bulk of resources on gaming assembled by Jane.


I did see it before, but never had the time to pick up this treasure. It seems heavy this treasure and because I am not into selling my treasures, but as my father does as an archeologist, I am more interested in viewing, describing and containing them. So that leaves me with the task of reading them all. And it’s a bulk! I probably can’t describe all of the treasures but the most ‘valuable’ I will share with you. I already mentioned the Self Efficacy resources to our friend Chris Kockelkoren. I am curious if he already had seen them.

But signing off for now, because the reading part has to begin.

Later! Marcel

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